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Here are a few sites that can be used to locate open RFPs.
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Open Bid / Lead Generation Resources

We want to help, but that's not what we do...

How do you find RFPs to bid on?  Who can inform you of new government contract opportunities?  What's the best RFP-related lead generation service?

Good questions.  But the answer is not RFPMonkey.com.

RFPMonkey is not a lead-gen service.  We are a solution that you would use AFTER you have an RFP to respond to.   More accurately, we are a solution that you would use if you routinely respond to RFPs.  How you learn about them in the first place is another matter.

RFPMonkey.com is used to track RFPs in your pipeline, track their progress, and make team assignments from the various sections that need to be responded to.  As you respond to your RFPs, use RFPMonkey.com to search your library for appropriate content to include.   We even have an RFP Triage feature that allows you to look up approved answers for every question in your RFP!

If you are looking for leads, open bids, or RFPs to respond to... I'm afraid you found RFPMokey.com by mistake.  But rather than this being a dead-end for you, we have included some links to services that you might find helpful.  If you become interested in managing your RFPs and RFP content library, please let us know.